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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Safety First on Halloween

Just because Halloween celebrates all things scary, doesn't mean you want any safety scares of your own.  Use these tips from USA.gov to make sure you and your family have a fun and safe holiday.

Pick Visible Costumes:  Pick brightly colored costumes to make it easier for cars to see trick-or-treaters on dark roads.  If the costume must be dark, apply reflective tape on the costume or candy bags to help them be more noticeable.  Flashlights are also good to carry.

Use Face Paint instead of a Mask with your Children’s Costumes:  Face paint may work better than a mask when it comes to visibility.  If you decide to paint designs on your kids' faces, follow the directions on the face paint package closely.  It's a good idea to test the face paint a few days before Halloween and be sure to avoid the eye area when applying.

Don’t snack while Trick-or-Treating:  Inspect all treats before allowing your children to snack on them.  Toss out any candy with opened or damaged wrappers and homemade treats. 

Consider using a Glow Stick:  Make sure costumes are flame resistant.  In luminaries or jack-o-lanterns consider using a glow stick or battery-powered lights instead of candles.