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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Requirements Brickwall Constructions

Brick Wall Construction | How to build a brick wall | Build a brick wall is not as difficult as it seems, as a basis for understanding the structure. Choosing a good quality material for the brick wall and put your efforts are the two factors that play a crucial role in the game of brick wall construction. How to build a brick wall can help you save a decent sum of money as you can on a wall to build your house in the activities of construction or expansion. The investment involved will include money to buy the necessary materials, and some 'of your precious time, preferably a weekend.

Requirements Brickwall
Before starting to build the brick wall, you must ensure that you have all the necessary materials for the company. Brick wall construction depends on the quality of construction materials used and where you caught it. We recommend the purchase of bricks and cement of good quality, even if it costs a little "extras, such as a direct reflection on the life of your wall. Unlike bricks, cement and water will also require some masonry tools to build a brick wall. These tools are a trowel, a hand tool or small flat with a metal blade, shovel a tape measure and a level indicator for horizontal surfaces, etc. Once you've done with all the tools you can start building a brick wall.

Brick wall construction
The length of the wall depending on the structure of the foundation or the wall, then, the basic structure must be strong enough to support the execution of any load. The relationship between the wall and the foundation should ideally be 3:01, which means that for every 3 feet of wall above the ground, you need a deep foundation of the foot. If you have a wall six feet high building, the foundation of two feet. Ideally, the base T-shaped with inversion of the base extension on both sides of the wall. If you plan to have a brick wall the width of two bricks to build your foundation with a width of 4 stones.

You can start to dig and lay the foundation with the bricks and mortar. Malta is made from cement, sand and water. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to determine the percentage of this substance is necessary to make mortar. Screed too dry or too wet is not suitable for the construction of the brick wall. Make sure there are holes in the foundations, fill all holes with a trowel for the mortar to feed them.

Once the foundation is laid, let them dry for a while. After drying, you can begin construction of the remaining wall. Pour a "bit of water on the stones to make them wet, so as not to absorb water from mortar dry and dusty and inefficient. Start building one side of the base. Using the trowel a layer mortar to prepare the foundation, and keep a brick on both sides of the foundation. Using a cable and converts the stone placed at both ends. This cable will be the setting of stones in a straight line. Once the cable is in place the mortar on the bottom, and put the stone. After the first stone was set, a bit "on the mortar and place the second stone. Continue in the same order until the layer is completely finished.

You must be careful not to leave spaces between the stones. Spatula to fill all the holes that are visible. Use the indicator that the alignment is correct. Start with the second layer of stones in the same way that the first has been made. Continue with the next layer to the desired height. Let dry for a while and brick wall construction has been completed.

This simple brick wall construction details are not intended for this seemingly difficult task easy for you to understand and implement. To clean the wall and presentable, you should clean the excess mortar. If you plan to build a wall with the stones, the basic process is the same, however, you must follow some specific instructions necessary for this particular stone.